Monday, August 20, 2007

Battle of Hanover 2007

What a busy weekend after several busy weeks! I've been flying a really full schedule of over twice the hours I usually fly per month, and we've had a reenactment event already last week, plus I am taking a class this weekend on Evening bodices at Genteel Arts in Gettysburg. I left class early and dressed in a period day dress to come to the Battle of Hanover where Mark and Jon had been all day. There was a camp dance planned and several couples that I really enjoy dancing with were going to be there, so I brought my dance dress and changed for the camp dance.
We got several people from our unit to dance that had never tried before, it was really fun. It was a different dance caller than we have at our monthly dances at Fairfield, but the dances are pretty much the same so we were able to help the new folks. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, and we hope we've interested new dancers for the dances in Fairfield during the fall and spring.
Jon had gone to do an errand with the Artillery Commander, and while he was gone, some of the Artillery members had plans for him to go to the dance too. Nina decided that he would look good in Blue Eye Shadow and her dress. Needless to say, the Artillery group took more pictures of him getting dressed that I can't show here. But I do have them for blackmail later! lol
Little did Mark and I know as we were enjoying the dance what was going on back at camp. Eventually this new dance partner appeared at the camp dance. My friends that hadn't met him figured that he had lost some kind of bet, but he was actually just being good natured in going along with this. Since some of the women that are regular dancers also take sewing classes in Gettysburg, there was a bit of discussion about my son/daughter Sunday morning in the class I was attending.
Here we are in the dance tent with Colleen who also was a new dancer that night. It wasn't that crowded in the tent so we had room for 2 lines for the Reel which is one of my very favorite dances. Jon participated in the Virginia Reel before he had to go change out of the dress for the artillery demonstration.We had so much fun doing the Virginia Reel with everyone, I think I have Jon talked into going to the Fairfield dances with us in the future. I'm working on a cotton camp dance dress that will be off the shoulders and short sleeve for coolness and comfort, and so that I won't have to wear a silk dress outdoors. Anything goes for dances from day dresses to fancy ball gowns, that's part of the fun of doing Civil War dancing.
Of course, our millitary commander, Dan, was so proud of this member of the unit he had to pose and have his picture taken with Jon. Jon's last event before he went into the Military last year was Hanover, so this is always going to be a special event for him and us.

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