Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Ever have one of those "Good news, bad news" days? Well, yesterday started out as a very good day! I had sex (a Stash Enhancement Excursion) to Pennsylvania to get some wool for a Civil War era overcoat. Some lace and thread and a yummy yard of 80/20 Cashmere/Wool jumped into my cart too for a wrap, it's just perfect! Then after I got home and after dinner, I was finishing up the bodice for my dress and starting to get ready to pleat the skirt. I measured my waist just to make sure since I hadn't made anything "Civil War" in a long time and found out that all the stress eating these last few months has added some girth to my waistline. Geesh. Not that it was a gigantic surprise as I can see it on the scale too. But the additional inch or so is not good news since all of my reenactment clothes are made for my size prior to the expansion. So this morning I actually went to the mall to walk and boy do I feel it now! How does one get so out of shape so quickly? It's a long way from doing a 5k last fall and running a good portion of it to being so out of shape that 2 miles in the mall makes my muscles sit up and take notice! Of course, I'll be watching everything that I eat too, and quite frankly I'm probably going to be a bit cranky for awhile until my body figures out that it's not going to get it's favorite fatty foods. lol
When I finish my dress, I want to make this piece of silk into something pretty...I have all kinds of thoughts on what it's going to be, a skirt from this pattern and sleeves from that one, maybe the bodice for another. I'm kind of caught up in the design stage...and I have that beautiful black/grey wool I bought yesterday to make up too. Ah...I love creating! :)

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