Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Whew! What a Whirlwind!

Mark and I drove down and picked Jon up at Ft. Eustis on December 20th, then we picked Jenni up in Winchester on December 27th. In that time we've been having a whirlwind of wonderful dinners out with family, get togethers with friends, extended family, and our reenactment Unit. We've all gained weight and enjoyed the friendship with new friends and old and certainly enjoyed spending time with family that we don't get to see nearly enough. One of our events was that we all went to a Birthday Party for two of our "extended Family"/Unit members on New Year's Eve and Jon and Laura ended up adopting a new "Grand pet" for Mark and I to add to our list of "Grands" . He's a little kitten now named "Otto". Otto is Black with white paws, and you can see his cousin, our Granddog Nutmeg checking him out.
These are pictures of Jon heading back into his barracks again today at Ft. Eustis after I took him back, his leave is unfortunately over. As you can see, he decided to bring back a few items from break. He could only make one trip from the car to the door so he became the human pack mule. He is feeling marginally better after eating all the food we've been forcing upon him, but he has still been having his moments of discomfort. He will be making an appointment to see the Doctors in Portsmouth for more tests this week. Notice that my baby boy ended up in the Alpha-GATOR company, this Florida Gator mom is so very proud!

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Liz said...

I was going to call you over the holiday but I wanted you to have plenty of time with your baby boy.

I'm so glad he is starting to feel better! That's great news! Otto looks a little bit like Ivan! I wonder if he'll be as fiesty!

We have to get together soon! I've missed you!