Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Rush is over

I started this scarf from a sample of some Rambouillet I hand dyed and had processed in 2005 while we were driving down to Virginia to pick Jon up for his leave. I thought I'd do stripes of the various sample skeins I had around the house but I liked this so much that I took the final 8 ounces of the roving out of inventory and began to spin it up while we had company in the living room. I made another 2 ounce ball and have more for a hat or mittens. I'm enjoying working with it, it's so soft and I love the subtle colors. The picture is pretty horrible, but it shows the scarf (basketweave pattern) with some of the roving and the ball of yarn.

And I'm going back to work today after being off for 2 weeks with a house full of company, taking along the two spindles and the "Picasso" color way of Northern Lights roving that I've been spindling. I love the effect, and I'm going to ply the two spindle fulls together and see what I end up with. This has been a totebag project for work the last month or so, and notice the lovely brocade bag that a flying partner friend of mine fits the spindles and fiber perfectly! Hopefully this year I can actually partake of my hobbies a little more than I had been able to in 2006. I have sewing projects in mind too, and I just got a rolling tool and supply cabinet for my sewing classes and supplies yesterday. I'm especially excited about one I'm taking weekend after next up in Gettysburg. I just bought some beautiful silk on ebay for a ball gown too so I'm looking forward to getting back to sewing as well as spinning and knitting. :)

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