Monday, December 27, 2004

Progress, well, a little

Over the past few days I've actually gotten a bit of the "Spring Flowers" Roving that I dyed a couple of weeks ago spun up. I think it will make a beautiful scarf to go with a dark colored coat (not that I'd wear it with my uniform coat or I did a little bit under 4 oz and plied it, now I'm waiting for it to dry so I can play with knitting it. The lace/leaf shawl is progressing, still all scrunched up until it gets blocked, I think I'm about 25-30% done so far. I have to get spinning on that fiber so I have enough yarn to keep going with the knitting! I'm knitting the last skein that has been spun. Still, I have plenty of the fiber and it spins so nicely that I don't mind.
Today I did no knitting, the kids wanted to go to Hampden and look at the antique and retro shops, they bought a bunch of LP's (that's right-records!) :) and not one of those is newer than 1980's. Both teenagers got some seriously classic rock, and my son has requested that I will all my old LP's to him...I had to keep telling him "I already have that one" at the shops! They're downstairs listening as we speak, and I'm enjoying the sounds of the Beatles, Moody Blues, Hair, etc.

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