Monday, December 20, 2004

Our squirrel friends

The now famous squirrel in the picture is actually one that lives in the woods behind our house. Some mornings dh has been putting something out in a small dog dish for the little animals. This one (we call her Shirley Squirrely) is one of 3 that are around most every day and that we've come to know by sight, and is very protective of the food bowl. She frequently chases away a smaller female we call "Sandy", yet another larger female we call "Samantha" chases Shirley. Pecking order in the Squirrel world, I suppose. DS Jon took this picture through our glass door, as we never get any closer to the wildlife. The door is within touching distance of my computer so I get to watch them in the mornings whenever I'm not flying. It's a nice diversion when I really don't feel like doing my work. :)

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