Friday, December 10, 2004

A dreary day off-perfect for knitting

I've already been working a bit this morning on my orange shawl. It's a good day to be inside and cozy. I'm having hot cocoa and working on a multitude of things, I'll reward myself for accomplishing today's task (getting the rest of the yarn I carry onto the Kendig Cottage website) by sitting down and knitting on my leaf shawl, of course I also need to work on getting more of the yarn for it spun! I'm about 80% finished with the two monster bobbins full that I'm making, then it'll just be getting it plied and set. That's a real case of "be careful what you wish for" as I wanted super large bobbins, and that's exactly what I got on the new wheel, but now it takes forever to fill them-and I'm even using the fatcore lace bobbins which are about 1/2 the size! That's ok, I'll have a larger skein of yarn to knit without knots this way. :)
***I ordered the Kundert spindles a while ago and they've finally come, now I have to get spindling! I just love the wood work on the spindles, to me they are works of art. They are only 1.2 and 1.4 oz, so they're lighter than they look! They'll make beautiful fine diameter yarn. I suppose this proves that I really have the collector gene in my DNA.
***Thank you so much to those friends that advised me not to panic about the pattern on the leaf shawl pulling and bunching up...and for your assurances that the blocking will straighten it all out. I feel much better now! I will order the blocking pins and whatever else I need...never blocked anything before, thank you for your suggestions on vendors, I'm presently checking them out.


Amie said...

You have Gathering of Lace, right? I thought you mentioned it... if not, I do, and you can borrow it. There are great tips for blocking in the front sections of it, so that should be a big help... I can't wait to knit for me again - right after my Christmas knitting, I have to start a shawl for my MIL (which is her Christmas gift, but we're going to see her in February, so I've got time) and THEN I'm allowed to knit for me again. I've barely been spinning because I've been knitting like a fiend lately!

Sue said...

Congrats on the new wheel. You make lovely yarn.

Here's a tip for posting pictures using Hello. If you put || at the end of the text for your pictures (except the last one), they will go into a queue and all be posted to the same blog entry instead of all separate. I think it makes the page easier to read.

Oh, to get the || symbol, hit Shift and the backslash key twice. That's what it is on my computer anyway, even though the uppercase of the backslash button looks like a colon made of dashes.