Wednesday, December 08, 2004

One of the best gifts in the world

Here's a picture of Jon the carpenter with the gift he made for me in wood shop class...a beautiful white oak shelf. He sanded it until it's as smooth as glass, and the wood grain is gorgeous! I can't wait to find a place of honor for it!
I got about 50 rows of my shawl done today (my first foray into charted knitting) and much to my dismay, it is coming out very dark, and it's hard to see the leaf pattern unless you hold it up to the light and spread the work out. I'm going to continue to work on it because I love the yarn, and the pattern, perhaps some of my expert knitting friends will let me know if I can expect it to grow a little bit when it is wet and then blocked, and/or if I can expect the yo's to open up a bit as well. I will wait until I get more of the pattern done to take a picture of it, right now it's still fairly small.


Anonymous said...

Yes, any and all lace grows and opens when blocked. You'll either need blocking wires (Google on Zonta wires, they are good and support a good cause - somewhere in the Knitters Review forums there is an email address for info) or a couple of hundred T pins (I bought mine at Office Depot but they had to be ordered).

Amie said...

Your son is adorable - what a sweet proud mama you are!

And I JUST saw blocking pins on Patternworks this morning, when I was looking for something else... Whatever you get, make sure they're rust proof, as you'll probably wet-block and you don't want rust to stain your lace!