Sunday, December 26, 2004

Now to make New Year's Resolutions!

After a wonderful dinner and some fantastic family time with some of our kids (2 grown DSS's were elsewhere) we're all ready to look forward to the New Year and of course, that leaves me thinking of what my New Year's Resolutions will be. Perhaps not to buy a single bit of fiber unless I use up some of my stash, maybe not to start any new projects until those that are underway are completed, maybe to learn a skill within spinning or knitting that I didn't heretofore know. I know I plan on doing a lot more dyeing, I really enjoy working with color.
I'm *blushing* as I have no idea which colors I used in the dyed rovings I did...I was working with a bunch of left overs from some other projects. I had the 3 primary colors from Ashford which ended up in every dye pot, some Cushings baby blue, and a bunch of Gaywool colors sprinkled in, and mostly I just put a little from this bottle, a little from that, and played with the color combinations until I got what I thought would be pretty.) I like the gaywools best as they are crystals and less powdery, less of the stuff floating around in the air.
Well, I really don't have to decide on resolutions today, so I'll go back and work on my lace shawl some more before retiring to bed. I hope everyone is keeping warm and having a fantastic holiday season. :)

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