Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The new quilt

On Saturday our reenactment unit attended an apple festival in a small town in Pennsylvania in which several of our members live. It was a nice day, a nice living history chance to just dress up and eat the yummy apple things that were available there, and to chat with each other and the spectators. I took my quilt with me which I had pretty much finished by had to apply the binding to by hand and then cut off all the strings on the back.
I managed to get it finished and now it's residing on my bed...the batting is a 100% wool comforter batt and it's really squishy unlike period quilts, but the fabric is all Civil War era reproductions, this is the one that I tried to do dark backgrounds and light sashing which is the opposite of most other quilts I've ever done. I like it and it's very cosy. There is an entire row of blocks on either side that hangs off the bed so you really can't see the whole thing at once...I love the blocks...I'm thinking of making one with different colors in the same block pattern using Civil War era prints but that'll have to wait until I get some spare time, there are other things I'm going to work on first.

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