Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jon's visit

Jon and Michelle are home this week visiting from Greensboro and brought their Bird whose name is Ceasar. Ceasar is a Caique (prounounced Kai-eek) and has quite the personality, he's very friendly and he loves attention from people. Our younger kitten, Rosie, doesn't seem bothered by him, she just sniffs him and doesn't particularly think of him a feathered meal. At least that's what she wants us to believe. I still wouldn't let the cat and the bird be alone together.
Here is Rose looking at Ceasar while he is in his travel carrier on the sofa. Rose spent quite a lot of time patiently looking at him but never did anything agressive. Belle, on the other hand, has been hissing whenever the bird makes his noises and has been hissing at Jon as well. She didn't like Jon during his last visit either. Belle is a "scardy-cat" and has been hiding under the bed rather than coming out like Rose to visit and play, especially when Jon is around, so I've been leaving her in her hiding places so she'll relax. As the days go on, Belle is getting better about coming out a little bit, but she's just not very social to Jonathan at all. I don't think she's ever going to be the social butterfly of the two of them.
When I go out and then come home, the girls sit at the door and look out and wait. If we have the wooden front door closed then they sit on their perches in front of the front window and wait and look for us. If we're gone too long they tend to fall asleep waiting, but the sound of the car pulling in wakes them right up and then they watch as we come up the walk to the house. Then they get "loves" and sometimes even treats.
Of course, their favorite napping spot lately is in front of the window in my office. I love how Rosey is asleep here with her head right on top of Belle. The futon that Jon sleeps on when he's here is in my office so Belle hasn't been coming in for her window seat naps this week, but she has been in to sniff around when Jon's away spending time elsewhere.
Belle has discovered our Aloe Vera plant, and we've had to move it to prevent her from chewing on the ends of the arms of the plants. She knows she isnt' supposed to be on the table, so she has to be pretty stelthy and pretty quick when she decides to try to get the things on the window shelf. Succulents are poison to cats but I can't find Aloe Vera listed seperately. We moved it so that no arms of the plant are accessible just in case. I can't believe how big the kittens have grown and how much trouble they can find to get into!

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