Thursday, October 23, 2008

Keeping busy

Rosie immediately took to the new quilt, in fact she and Belle sleep on the bed now that it's colder in the house at night. Here's Rose with some of her favorite things, her feather mousie and some extra piping that I had left over from one of my Civil War dresses.

As you can see, there is a parrot in my hair. Jon had just given him a shower and he decided to sit on my shoulder and wipe his wet feathers in my hair. I was trying to work on putting my quilt's the next project to go on the hand quilting frame.

I've been working on this by hand, it's my Baltimore Album quilt that I started about 13 years ago...I'm finally ready to hand quilt it. I love it, it's all hand appliqued and I appreciate it more now that I can no longer see things that small to do that kind of work. I've been keeping busy between the family tree work and projects...trying to keep my mind occupied until the Lightners get here. :)

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