Sunday, August 03, 2008

Why you should never leave plastic bags unattended

I was just telling Michelle (Jonathan's girlfriend) earlier yesterday not to leave any plastic bags unattended because the cat would get into them, so after we got back from buying fabric for a couple of skirts I'm going to make for her, we tied up our bags from the store and I took them all upstairs. I was putting things away and turned my back only for just a second and when I looked again, here's what I found, Belle all the way in the bag and she'd taken up residence! Needless to say, I pulled her out of there and continued putting things away, including the plastic bag! When Mark came home from his business trip and unpacked his small bag, he left it on the bed just for a minute. Well guess what, we looked around and found that Belle had climbed into there and was taking a nap. When I was doing summer camp and taking things back and forth to class, she loved to climb into my tote bag with the fabric and projects, and I do know how much she loves to be in the sewing room when I'm working. Here's Rose in her favorite spot, asleep on the top tier of the Cat tower where she can be pretty sure that she isn't going to get pounced by her sister. She and Belle are getting along very well now, they play and pounce, and they also let each other be quiet and get in their naps. This morning they were eating from the same dish so I guess that they're pretty much friends now.

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Tama said...

Our cat loves to get into things and sleep as well. He often attempts to get into empty cereal boxes. Unfortunately, he is a 15 pound cat and doesn't quite fit so he ends up stuck until someone rescues him. LOL!