Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hanover Reenactment 08

I wasn't feeling that great this weekend so I sat and sewed on Saturday afternoon at the reenactment and then through the meeting after the dinner. I was wearing one of my summer camp dresses but forgot to have any pictures done of it so I'll have to table that until another time when I have it on. I changed for the dance into this evening dress that I made last summer for outdoor dances when I didn't want to wear anything in silk but wanted to have a cooler neckline and sleeves. I also tend not to wear light colors for day dresses, but I might have to make a lighter one for future dances.
I was so pleased to see some of my sewing class friends at this dance, it was called by Karin and Bryant, Karin helps and instructs at sewing classes, and Joanne, Patrick, Rosie, and Angela were all there too. It was great! These are pictures I took while sitting out of the group doing the Gothic Dance which is one of my favorites. I think that the women's dresses are so beautiful in the line when they are dancing. Mark is the one in the dark vest in the middle with Angela to his Left. It was very common and appropriate during that era for people of the same sex to dance together rather than to sit out the dances, so everyone gets to dance.
Of course, since the dance was open to anyone that wanted to join, there were some kids that were dressed inappropriately for the Civil War era. Most of the period-appropriate dresses were day dresses anyway, which make these dances more accessible to anyone that wants to come, no fancy ball gowns are necessary. It was fun for all, and I'm glad I got to see everyone that I sew with. I look forward to seeing them at the next sewing class I'm taking in November.

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Fiber Ninja said...

All of the swirling skirts look so neat during the dancing. I recognized Mark right away even though his face is slightly hidden by a shadow.