Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hmmm, what shall I knit?

I finally got some pictures taken of the yarns I'd done at the beginning of July. This blue one is asking to be maybe a's the Louet Northern Lights color "Picasso" plied one to one with Louet Bright Blue Dyed Corriedale, both from (where else) Kendig Cottage Fiber Supply. It's very soft and I like the way the colors came out.
This is the Purple NZ Corriedale plied one to one with some fiber I bought many years ago in Rheinbeck at the show there prior to having a fiber business. There is maybe 4 ounces of this yarn now and I'm not sure what to make from it. It'll be probably mittens or something small. I was able to spin it one day of volunteering at the Carroll County Farm Museum early in the month.
This is a candid shot of the girls plotting something. I'm not sure what they were thinking of getting into, but I'm sure it was something. I know I'm behind on pictures of projects, I'm actually wearing one of my summer camp dresses so hopefully there will be pictures of the two I made in camp to show eventually.


Anonymous said...

a chicken viking hat...

Fiber Ninja said...

Use the blue yarn for the viking hat; it's cold in the Nordic areas, true?