Thursday, August 14, 2008

National Aquarium in Baltimore

Last week, Jonathan and Michelle took me to the National Aquarium in Baltimore as a Birthday present. I hadn't been there since they opened the large exibit about Australia, and it's one of our favorite places to go anyhow. Jon and I took our cameras and snapped some pictures of the residents of this wonderful place.
These beautiful parrots are in the aviary and rain forest exhibit. If you stand there and just look around rather than walking quickly through the exhibit, you can see all kinds of beautiful birds and animals there.
One of the aquarium volunteers told us that there was a tree sloth in one of the trees by the observation platform. He showed us where the sloth's arms and legs were but neither Jon nor I could see it.
This guy is a Black Durgeon. He's in the coral reef exhibit and he's my absolutely favorite fish to see in the wild ocean because of the way that he swims. His find undulate and there is a floursent strip at the base of both body fins that shines. This fish shows up as black in natural sunlight while underwater. There was also a good opportunity to take some pictures of the ray tank from above.
These are some more pictures from the aviary where we spend quite a bit of time enjoying the various birds there. This is a pair of sun conures. Michelle is a definite bird lover and she knows a lot about them, so I very much enjoyed learning about the birds while walking through with her.
This guy was up on top of one of the exhibit sign areas, oblivious to all the people looking at him.

This is a Bullnose Ray. The ray tank is always fun to watch, they have rays of several species as well as some really cool sharks and a rescued three legged green sea turtle (honu) which lost his leg and can't be released into the wild again.

These are just some more shots from various areas of the aquarium. If you ever get to Maryland or DC, I sincerely recommend this place. It's web address is They also have dolphin shows and a great 4-D film experience, and a cafe where they DO serve fish sandwiches among other choices. :)

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