Sunday, August 31, 2008

My girls are SO helpful

It never ceases to amaze me that the kittens can have absolutely no interest in something until the moment when I get busy with it. I decided to work on the quilt that has been on the rack in the living room as the weather has been a little bit cooler so I can stand to have the whole warm quilt on my lap. Belle watches very closely to see how best to help before she dives in.
The girls like to sleep on the quilt rack but that evening they were playing or sleeping elsewhere so I thought I was safe. As quick as can be, Belle jumped up onto the quilt and was well on her way to getting right into the middle of things.
She tried to grab the thread as it went through the quilt and she was also trying to put her paws on the area that I was working on so that she covered up the whole area I was trying to work on.
I tried to move her away so I could finish the motif that I was quilting into the block. I didn't want to have to leave a needle in the quilt in case the girls slept on it later on when I wasn't watching, so I kept her at bay while I finished that block.
She finally partially gave up and decided to just lie down and watch from right "up close and personal".
A little while ago I had a couple of bumps (large balls) of fiber that I had to weigh and pacage and label for the business. I couldn't leave them on the floor as the kittens would try to grab the fiber as I unwound it from the bump. So I gave up and lifted the bags up onto the table and turned around and guess what, the girls had found a way to help.
Rose is much more aloof and demore and doesn't jump right into whatever I'm doing. She prefers to watch from the sidelines. She's settling in here nicely, but she is still the shy one of the two girls.
Unlike Belle who likes to get right into whatever I'm doing, and try to keep control of the whole process. Here she is lying right on top of the bag of fiber with the strand of roving the I'm trying to pull out of the bag there between her front paws. No wonder it takes me twice as long to do anything than it used to before we had cats in the house. lol

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CrazyFiberLady said...

aren't kitties just sooooo helpful! they're just adorable though :)