Thursday, January 26, 2006

FO Report

I know these fingerless mitts weren't on the works in progress list on the last post, but I found this great bulky yarn (70% Merino, 30% Baby Alpaca) and a free pattern on the internet (ok, it was a good starting point, but I'm finding that many times you "get what you pay for" with free patterns) that I had to adjust like crazy to make it doable. I wanted a pair of wrist warmers to wear when I really didn't want to wear full gloves or mittens, so I made these up over the period of a couple of days. I'd bought 2 skeins of the yarn thinking it would be one per mitten, but I got both out of the same ball of yarn with some left over! Mark loved them and they fit so I gave them to him. I'm going to do a little pattern redesign and make another pair for myself. But hey, it's another Finished Object!
I managed to get the Koigu Neck Cosy blocked on the floor in DD's room the other day and it's now so soft and wonderful, almost like it's made from different yarn! I really like it and I think I'll be able to get lots of wear from it. It's even got enough dark blue in it to go with my Uniform overcoat...not that it's legal for the uniform or anything, but I think my having a neck cosy that's these colors is the least of management's issues these days! It'll fit in a pocket of my coat to keep it safe, and I can't wait to use it.
This is my Noro hat and scarf that I finished at the end of last week. The scarf is feather and fan, and the hat was made on a hat loom so it's very loosely knit. I've worn it a couple of times. I liked this yarn a lot while it was in a skein at the yarn shop, but it hasn't really grown on me. Perhaps it would have been more attractive knit into another stitch pattern, I don't know. In any case, someone in the family (perhaps occasionally me) will wear it.
I also got some stash organization done over the past couple of days while hubby was home recuperating from a medical procedure (he's fine! :))...I put most of my yarns that were in the upstairs relm away in drawers by size or type, and even got my sock yarn stash into a drawer in the spinning area on the main level. I've begun doing more knitting than spinning these days, lets not even talk about my spinning fiber stash! I had to buy another plastic bin so I could try to squish some more of my fiber into it! But it's all good, all fun, and all fiber! :)


Linda said...

Wow, you are getting a lot done. Your wristwarmers, hat and scarves look great. No spinning this week?

Pugknits said... i've gotta go look for the neck cozy pattern! it looks so scrumptiously cozy!

LadyV said...

You are definitely on a mission...You've been getting a lot done and everything looks great.

I just ordered one of Jackie-E's patterns for fingerless gloves/wrist warmers...small enough project that I can knit up in a couple of days.