Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Finishing, starting, and good things in purples

I know, I haven't been really good about finishing anything lately. But I do have the Koigu Gypsy shawl blocking on the floor in dd's room before the crocheted edging is applied. And thanks to Liz who loaned me one of her crochet books so I can try to decipher the instructions on the edging and fringe. I haven't crocheted since I was a little girl so there's no telling whether it'll come back to me or not. Hey, it's all about the adventure, right? In any case, my dd's room smells like a wet sheep but I was good and waited until she left after her last visit rather than asking her if I could use the floor in her room while she was here! :) And, BTW, she's learned to knit and is making a striking lime green scarf from an Icelandic single as we speak!
In other news, I just added a couple of other projects to my knitting UFO page and took off a couple of projects that have been perpetually in "ignore" status. I had bought some Noru when I took DD to the LYS to get yarn to learn on but was doing a lenghtwise stripe scarf from it. I decided that that stitch pattern didn't do the yarn justice so I frogged it and started a feather and fan pattern last night. I really like it and I also have enough yarn to make a hat or mittens as well as the scarf. I thought that it was going to be more "blue" but as you can see, there's a bit of teal/turquoise but not much blue. Well, I'd say that merits another trip to the LYS, don't you? I needed to get more blocking pins anyhow, and I managed to find some wonderful yarn in blues that would go great with my Navy Blue uniform coat. I don't know at the moment how I'm going to do this blue scarf, but I think it'll be pretty. And you didn't expect me to walk by the wall of yummy Noro yarns without fondling them, did you? I found these three skeins that were actually all the same dye lot even though when wound they look very different. I just love the purples and blues, and I am thinking mittens, scarf, and hat from these beauties. The Noro is Merino, Angora, and Nylon for strength. (You KNOW how I feel about acrylic, no way, but nylon adds strength for things that are going to get a lot of use like my scarves and mittens.) I can't wait to finish some things so that I can start on this great yarn.


Alison said...

The Gypsy shawl is lovely and so is the fiber from your secret pal!

Shelley said...

Beautiful Gypsy, what a Koigu accomplishment. That fiber from your SP is to die for!

Rissa said...

Wow that Noro yarn really is amazing...I wish I could touch it from here! :-)