Monday, January 23, 2006

There are two kinds of knitters...

Koigu one skein neck warmer. The two end tabs lock in place for a nice cozy collar like warmer. I'll be done with this tonight, and I would imagine that it'll block up more open looking and softer.
Corriedale scarf out of handspun with multi-colored roving plied with lavender NZ Corriedale solid color roving. I like the gentle variegations of the colors.

Alpaca scarf just begun. I had spun this yarn at Liz's house the end of December. I'm not enjoying knitting it because the processor added some kind of oil to the fiber to make the roving, and I didn't rewash the yarn. It feels gross. I do, however, like the brindle colored yarn. It's from some blended roving I bought at an Alpaca Farm in August

This is my Koigu Scarf, diagional lattucework pattern from Vogue Knitting book. I found this pattern easier to understand than most of the ones in the Koigu scarf book.

Herb Garden Socks from yarn from Kendig Cottage ebay Store. Notice I'm on the second sock, I hate doing second socks, so this one will probably take longer than the first!

Those that have to finish one project before beginning another, and those that have many works in progress. I am one of the latter. Although I'm excited about a coworker and friend of mine that is on her way to New Zealand as I write bringing me home 5 skeins of Perendale knitting yarn that is made by a wonderful rural company near her home town that I'm wanting to make an aran or gansy style sweater from, I'm usually one that has a lot of little projects going at once. That way, depending on my level of mental alertness or the mood I'm in, I always have something to work on, even switching off during the day.


Linda said...

Your knitting looks great, what pretty yarns! I have quite a few projects on the needles as well, how can anyone just work on one?

Liz said...

Heh, I am one of "Those" knitters. One project types. At most I will have 2 projects going, a sock and something else. In this case, a sweater. The sock goes with me, the sweater stays home.

All of your projects are beautiful though! I wish I could work on multiple things! You multi task knitters seem to get so much more done! :)

LadyV said...

I'm in the multi-project camp, they all eventually get completed.

I would like to see the Perendale when you get it. I'm still not sure if some roving I had which was labeled to be Perendale was actually the genuine article.