Saturday, February 11, 2006

An Overdue Update

My apologies to everyone for being a bad blogger as of schedule of work and business and other items that are going on in my life (dancing lessons and reenactment season starting which necessitates some wardrobe additions and adjustments since I'm not the same size as I was last fall) have pushed blogging to the background, I'm afraid. I've still been knitting, in fact, I have recently made my bedroom more knitting-friendly with the addition of a brighter lamp next to the bed. Now I can work on larger projects that aren't good for traveling in the evenings when I'm home.
I have managed to get a couple of small, traveling projects completed, this scarf is the hand spun corriedale that I showed as it was in progress earlier this past fall. The socks are made of Blue Face Leceister wool and are so very soft! I'm still allergic to wool on my skin so I have liners ready to go with them.

The latest projects to go on the needles are this Aran sweater for my dear husband. He picked out the yarn (yes, it's true, it isn't handspun..I didn't have the time to spin all the wool for this sweater which I wanted to start for him while it was still cold out.
This is my first attempt at cables and I have to tell you that I'm really enjoying it! It's slow going compared to some other kinds of knitting, but watching the pattern emerge row by row makes it all worthwhile. This is the back pictured, I'm maybe 1/4 done with the back section, so as you can see, I just started.This next project is a fair Isle hat that I'm doing as an experiment in color. I'm teaching myself to knit two-handed...and I'll tell you already that before I got the new lamp, I made a couple of chart-reading mistakes on the colors which are shaded very subtly on the chart. Now that I have sufficient light to be able to see, I'll get the hat going with the right color combinations. Of course, I'm doing it in my own colorways, they're a bit bright for my taste, but we'll have to see what it looks like when I'm done. I know that my DS likes funky hats, so I can always "gift" it to him if I don't like it.


Linda said...

Those are great projects. I love cables and fair isle also. Hopefully you had lots of time to work on them during the snowstorm.

Liz said...

Very nice! You are one busy and productive woman! :) Everything looks great!