Sunday, February 19, 2006

Lots of work, not enough knitting

The last week, I've been working an awful lot, 4 long days! I've been to Denver quite a number of times, Eagle (Colorado-where the pictures of the tower and airplane on the ramp were taken), Oklahoma City, and then back to Baltimore. Tomorrow I do it again, the 2nd day of this 2 day trip ends up being 17 hours start to finish with 4 legs and I'm just too tired to function the day after. These pictures don't do anything for the natural beauty of the region, when I took them there had been no snow for quite awhile, but this week they've had nearly 2 feet. I have gotten a bit of knitting done, I have about 12 inches done of hubby's sweater's back, and the Fair-Isle hat is nearing completion, but it's all been done in a blur of sleep deprivation. I'll try to get more pictures up next week as I only fly 2 days.

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