Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ok, it's pretty, but I'd rather be warm

Or, for that matter, I'd rather be on a beach somewhere, or even in Fresno pruning roses and cleaning out gutters (lol). These pictures are what we awoke to this morning, I'd guess that there's nearly 2 feet of snow on our table out there on the deck. The other picture is leading out to the woods behind our house, very snowy and beautiful, but nonetheless, it's snow.
I've quite enjoyed the mild winter we've had so far this year and wasn't really ready for the rain to turn solid. Still, since our dance classes were cancelled for today there's nowhere we have to go until work tomorrow so it's a day to relax and not have to drive in this mess. Our street hasn't been plowed out yet anyway. It would be a perfect day to put on a pot of soup and have a cup of tea and sit watching the coldness outside while knitting, however I probably should get working on the taxes instead. Maybe I'll give myself rewards as I slog through the paperwork of getting to knit a couple of rows every so often. Knit on!


LadyV said...

Perfect stay inside and knit weather.

When it's snowy outside I get motivated to work on my projects...I've gotten lots of motivation from this one-)

Linda said...

I love the snow, I wish we got more of it. A beach sounds good too though.

Liz said...

I enjoyed the quiet that the snow brings. Since I live next to a rather busy road my hubby and I relish the eerie quiet that blankets our home when it snows heavily.

It is lovely and Max has SOOOO much fun in the snow! :)

Rissa said...

Holy cow...that is a LOT of snow! Stay warm.