Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I was so excited to get home and find my "Socks that Rock" club package with January's sock in my mailbox on Saturday. Since I didn't find out that there were still available spots in the 2009 club until a week or so ago, I am a little bit late getting started. The shipments come every 2 months and I wanted to get January's installment as quickly as I could so I could have it done before March's was on it's way. Since I always have other projects going, it's all about getting things done before the fervor passes and I'm on to doing something else like the ADHD person I am. I'd gotten 2 circular needles so I could try the "two at once" technique for the socks, but after looking at the 10 page pattern I didn't want to try a new technique on a complicated pair. I decided to save the circs to use on something not quite as scary.

I opened the package Saturday but wasn't feeling well so I made a mental note of what needed to be done and put it all away until Sunday. When I got up Sunday I got out the yarn ball winder and the swift to wind the skein into a ball, and got a binder from my stash for all the materials that had come in my package. I made a copy of the pattern so I could write on the copy that I was using. That required climbing under my desk to get to the copier which doesn't get too much use. I had already acquired the floss threaders necessary to put the beads onto the yarn so I sat down and counted out half the beads and got them threaded onto the yarn, under the watchful eyes of my helpful kitten who did not get to steal any of the beads.

I spent a little time Sunday night actually knitting, but when I took out the waste yarn that I'd used for the tubular cast on (a very new technique for me) I found I hadn't read the pattern right and it all fell apart, unstitching all the work I'd done up to that point. That was ok, I only had about 20 rows done and saw that it was looking very large, too large though I'd really hit the gauge on the pattern. Go figure. Monday morning I re-cast on using the medium (rather than large) pattern and got underway again. The pattern looked really complicated and frankly very scary but when taken one step at a time, I found that it wasn't that bad, and now that I've mastered the twisted stitches that I wasn't familiar with before, I'm making quick progress. I'm presently working on the heel flap, between doing other things and nursing my sinuses and ears still. Putting the beads into the knitting is very simple yet looks very complicated. I love when something looks difficult but really isn't.

One of my trusty companions (Rosie) thought she would take up position on the cat pad on top of my sock yarn stash drawers...it was right in a sunbeam and she was in absolute kitty heaven. I usually have at least one or two of the girls in my office while I'm working, their company is very nice to have though they don't tend to be very much help when I'm overworked!

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