Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Snowy Day

Today is going to be quiet for me, I'm fighting a nasty cold and just finished putting a pot of chicken soup on the stove to simmer. It's snowing big fluffy snowflakes outside the window of my office and it's beautiful. Yesterday was quiet too as I tried many times to do work at my desk and my attention span was less than a nanosecond. I'm planning on alternating between sock knitting and sleeping so maybe I'll be feeling better tomorrow. This is a finished (and begun second sock) "STR Purple Rain" Sock that I started over a year ago. It's such an easy pattern that it's brainless so I'm going to work on it at work. This blue one is a neat pattern I found on the web called "Wheat" and it's being done in STR "Blue Brick Wall". It's a very subdued coloring, appropriate for a quiet day, and I think it's perfect for wearing with jeans. The pattern is time consuming and takes attention, but I really like the way it mixes up the stripes of color. This sock knitting thing is darn near addicting to a lot of knitters, and I'm enjoying exploring all the possibilities now that I finally understand how similar each sock really is to a standard pattern. I adjusted the number of stitches on the Purple Rain sock to fit the heal and toe decreases of a very simple formula I use. I was proud of finally figuring out how to do such things.
I am getting bored with just doing a plain knit (stockinette) sock like the Pirate's Booty ones I finished last week. The yarn for this is Koigu and I'm so hoping I have enough for the entire sock since I only have 2 balls of it in this colorway. If not, I'll put a solid on the toe that goes with the colors in the yarn, the yarn has been in my stash for years so I'm sure there is nothing like these colors available anymore. This pattern is called "Carusoe" (because it's STRANDED) and I got the pattern from Knitty. If you're a knitter and not familiar with this website, it's full of great patterns, tutorials, and help with everything and anything. Anyway, this one will be short with a rolled top, and the stranding pattern all over the leg and instep and heel. You can just see the stranding starting closer to my needles in the picture. I think the colors are perfect for spring. It is going to be spring someday, isn't it? I do hope so!
Here's Gracie, she's my office mate while I'm working on projects. She has her own spot on the futon and definitely does not like the flash of the camera. As soon as she sees the spot of light on her that the camera makes when it focuses, she shuts her eyes tight! So far, she doesn't seem interested by yarn, but Rosie gently picked up the ball I'm working with twice while I've been sitting here and tried to walk out of the room with it. Belle chews yarn and tries to eat it, and she's even "disconnected" the strand I was casting on with while I was knitting, I was not pleased. She's fast, and unfortunately she tends to try to swallow what she can, which so far hasn't gotten her sick. I do try to make sure everything I'm using is put away when I finish for awhile. She doesn't have any interest in inventory yarn, just what I'm working on. I think it smells like me or my hands while I'm knitting so that might be the draw.
Here's the sock machine without any yarn on it. I got it threaded yesterday and was able to get some rounds done and then it jammed again. I haven't been able to get much done with it because it keeps jamming. I'm sure it is my error, and I called the guy that rebuilds the machines yesterday. He's really good at them and making socks, and he gave me several ideas and tips which I will try out today. Hopefully I can get it going. I have tons of cheap sock yarn in my stash to play with...not the beautifully colored ones like I'm knitting now, but ones for a straight stitch sock that will self stripe. I have been getting quite frustrated with it lately. I moved it up to the office so that I could have it close to the computer since there are a couple of tutorial videos on YouTube that I'll want to review when I get a sock going. Hopefully I'll have something to show for my efforts before too very long. At very least, I'm getting lots of experience in threading it!


Anonymous said...

Dear fiber "Addikt",

I quite like your "Carusoe" sock. The colourway you are using is either P105 or P105L and yes it is still being created by Koigu Wool Designs. In fact I just dyed this colourway in the last week. It is still very popular after all these years. We to have sick people at home at the moment and the snow is still coming. At least I'm in a warm room creating beautiful yarn.

Cheers, Rhichard Devrieze aka Koigu boy

CrazyFiberLady said...

Congrats on the sock machine. I have one and the learning curve can be pretty steep.