Sunday, February 22, 2009

Koigu Carusoe socks finished

The one advantage of being sick and being home sick this week, (if there is any silver lining in it at all) is that I have had some extra time to knit. I didn't have to move my head or get off the sofa while knitting, and I could lie right down and get a nap in if I wanted. I finished this pair this morning, and I like them a lot. They'll be great with early spring clothes and jeans. The pattern was easy and fun. They have a short rolled top which is easy to get into and they are stranded all over the pattern area.
I needed only to make a couple of changes to the pattern (the turning heal part number of stitches wasn't right and I needed to adjust it) and they came out nicely. The Socks that Rock January package came yesterday so I just strung all the beads on the yarn and I'm itching to get started on that but it's a tired day so far. I'm still trying to get over the sinus crud and the ears being full causing my usual vertigo. I'm off to cast on to the now beaded yarn, it's really beautiful but the pattern looks more complicated than anything I've ever done on socks. Well, I'd better get started. See you later. :)


Jody said...

Beautiful socks..luv the colours. I only used Koigu once for socks because they got holes in them after only a few short wearings. I think I will use the rest of my Koigu for a scarf.

Fiber addikt said...

Yikes, I didn't even think about wear, as Koigu and Socks that Rock are my favorite sock yarns, but they do not have nylon in them for extra strength. Most of my older hand knit socks were out of specific sock yarn (opal, socka, etc) and they have nylon spun into them. I'll be especially careful, thanks for bringing this to my attention. :)