Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving at Nanny and Poppa's

Welcome to the Thanksgiving photo journal for 2008!
It was a fantastic time, Aidan's first Thanksgiving at Great Grandma and Grandpa's house! Nanny and Poppa just returned from Ireland and brought everyone wonderful presents, but I think the bestest one was the soft and cuddly sheep that they brought for their #1 Great Grandson.

Aidan spent lots of time exploring the house, the yard, and playing with his sheepie. I managed to teach him that his sheepie says "Baaa" and he was toddling around the house while people were arriving for dinner saying "BAAAAA!" IT was nearly overwhelming for the little guy with about 30 people there for dinner.

Laura got the girls all tee shirts which the tie dyed the night before Thanksgiving. They had fun and the shirts came out fantastically! You'll see them up at the top of the page. :) Each of the girls had a different color and they wore them Thanksgiving evening.

Poppa cooking and helping to supervise the apprentice cooks in the kitchen
Nanny and Poppa with Nanny's world famous stuffing as she gets ready to finish making it for her adoring family.

Jenn outside playing with Aidan who very much enjoyed being able to get out in the yard and explore and run. He's still not wild about having to wear shoes and a coat, but it was pretty warm for him to play outside.

Michael and Aidan and Sheepie. :) Note the little U of Hawaii Warrior tee shirt on Aidan.

Allie and Aidan making friends. Aidan spent time with just about everyone at least for a moment. He especially enjoyed the time spent with Aunt Rosalie. She even taught Aidan some Polish words!

Nick was even back for the holiday from Okinawa where he's based with the Air Force.

Meghann in her "Hug a Pineapple" tee shirt from the Dole Plantation on Oahu.

Matt in a thoughtful pose. :)

Meg and Poppa pose for their picture. Note the ice cream for the traditional Bananna Hoppers which everyone enjoyed.

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