Monday, November 24, 2008

Remembrance Day 2008

Remembrance Day dawned cold, in fact, I've been cold before but this was REALLY cold! It was in the low 20's as we dressed and headed out to our unit meeting and then to the parade. I have on just about every piece of Civil War era warmth that I could think of and I was still cold. My feet never feel warm in the cold weather, coupled with my legs being cold and the wind whipping my wool collar and hood off of my bonnet, I was fighting a losing battle!
As you can see, Mark is ready for his march in the Parade...notice how small he's getting, we're doing weight watchers again and he's doing fabulously with it and losing like crazy. He looks great! As for me, I'm having challenges but I'll get back on track eventually. For now I'm just being happy and eating what I want within reason.
We posed for our picture right before the parade, and I will admit that it was freezing and I hadn't been feeling great the night before so I kept warm in the car for the bulk of the parade. My friend Linda and I were able to get to the street just to see the Confederates passing by, and spotted our guys and the beautiful Maryland Flag they were carrying. We'll look forward to another day in Gettysburg, hopefully when it's warm again.
Mark had purchased an outfit of Civilian Clothing from a great Seamstress in Gettysburg for his Civilian Impression. I wore my gold ball gown in the evening (you've seen it before) and we headed out for dinner and the ball. With the Paletot on top, he looked very handsome, don't you think?

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