Monday, November 17, 2008

Rosie's post

Hi, it's me, Rosie the kitten with my very own blog post. I hope you like it. This is me (Rosie) and my sister Belle when we were spooning and sleeping on the dresser in Mom's office. It's nice and warm on the pad on the dresser, and we like sleeping up there. Usually Belle isn't so nice to me when I want to snuggle with her but she was in a good mood that day. Belle was sleeping up there when I jumped up there too, but I think she was too sleepy to kick me off.
Mom was working on her family tree and I came over to watch her. She put this really cool website on for me to watch, it had dancing badgers, mushrooms, and snakes. It really caught my eye but I didn't like the sound so mom turned it off again for me.
I was so mad when my mom dressed me in this ridiculous costume for Halloween. Do I look like a Sailor kitten to you? She didn't get the hint that I wasn't happy even when I glared at her with evil in my eyes. I hope she doesn't try to dress me up next year.

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