Sunday, November 16, 2008

The excellent adventure to Dulles

Today, after many days of anticipation, we got to drive to Virginia to pick up our very favorite Hawaiian relatives who will be visiting for a few weeks and going to Thanksgiving festivities in Moline with us/ Here's the 777 that brought Jenn, Michael, and Aidan, pulling up to the gate.
Michael was making a funny face for the camera, and right behind him follows Jenn with Aidan
Of course, Aidan charmed everyone...and tried to walk all over the place at the airport in the gateroom and then again while we were getting baggage and getting ready to go to the car.
Aidan was telling grandma that he didn't understand the whole concept of wearing shoes and coats and hats and things like that.
He enjoyed his trip on the airplane but he was ready to go to the car and drive home to grandma and grandpa's house. Aidan moved in pretty quickly and explored the house. He decided that Rosie was pretty fascinating. Belle hid as she normally does but Rosie came out and was very curious about Aidan. Aidan thought Rosie was much more fun than any of his new toys. :)

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