Sunday, January 06, 2008

Quilting progress by default

Long story short, Mark and I flew to Moline to visit with his mom and dad over the end of the holidays and to spend time with Jen and Michael and Aidan. While we were there we had a monster snow storm that delayed us 2 extra days in getting home. By the time we were able to leave, I started feeling badly (Nanny was already sick) and by the time we got back to BWI I knew I had a full blown cold or flu. I spent lots of time in bed and ended up with completely blocked ears, a raging sinus headache that was at times pounding, but sometimes I had times when I had less pain so I decided to make some room in my sewing room and work on the quilt.
The quilt is 6x6 blocks, this is row #3 of 6 blocks that I've made since I've been home. I've enjoyed working on it but since each block doesn't take that long, I've often been ready to go back to bed by the time an individual was done.
I got the sashing done today and sewed it to the other 2 rows as well. I really need to get cleaning as Jon came home for the holidays (and we very much enjoyed his visit!) and took his dresser out of his former room which is now my office and he and Mark took down the loft bed so I can make a part time guest room in my office and clear some space in my sewing room. I'm so excited.
I got to experiment with a bunch of new colors of fabrics that I'd been picking up when I went to Gettysburg and I did some new blocks for me as well as some favorites that I'd done in other quilts. I enjoy using scraps from some of my civil war dresses in my quilts too.
I'll have to wait until I'm feeling up to moving things around and leaning over to pick up things that are now on the floor while I organize. That's step at a time. I also made a nightgown from some of the Hawaiian fabric that I sent home from my last trip to visit Jen.

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Fiber Ninja said...

Man those quilts are awesome! Especially the green one (no surprise). Hope you feel better soon.