Sunday, January 20, 2008

A cold Saturday

We met at the meeting place for our Unit Annual meeting to go to the Lee-Jackson Day parade and Service. The day was cold and overcast, but I had on layers and layers of clothes, plus a bonnet and fur muff to add when we got downtown. I'd made the overcoat for the Remembrance day parade in November, but since Jenn was busy having her baby the day of the parade, I didn't get a chance to wear it until yesterday. I had my short paletot and a quilted sontag on underneath. It was quite cold.
The parade was on the street just in front of the Baltmore Museum of Art on the Johns Hopkins campus. There were various organizations represented at the parade, the Sons and Daughters of Confederate Veterans (quite a number of chapters of those), Historical Socieites from Maryland, Veterans of other wars, descendants, and reenactors that represented both Confederates and Union soldiers. Our own unit has a Union sister organization from Pennsylvania so we had a "Blue Coat" with us yesterday too.
This is a view from behind the ranks where I was standing of the Flags and the Statue. This statue is absolutely beautiful and for all the time I've lived in Baltimore, I never knew it was there! It depicts Robert E. Lee atop his horse, Traveler, and Thomas Jonathan Jackson on his horse, Little Sorrel. There were speaches, prayers, and presentations of wreaths on the occasion of Lee and Jackson's birthdays. These southern gentlemen were fantastic role models of gentility and honor. There were no political agendas, just a rememberance and honoring. There was one bicyclist that yelled things as he rode by, he just showed his ignorance of history by what he said.
This is the colorguard that was on the dias for the ceremony. The SCV provided refreshments in Shriver hall afterward and some warmth. I think the high was probably only in the low to mid 30's F yesterday. We went back to our meeting where we conducted business for the unit and enjoyed socializing and eating with our dear friends and extended reenactment family. It was a great day! :)

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