Monday, May 15, 2006

A week at the museum in period dress

I had another week of vacation left, and Mark was on a business trip so I spent each morning interacting with the children that came to the Living History museum as field trips, with evenings spent working on the business, and on being creative. I have started decorating hats for period wear, I love them! I did a felted "spoon" hat that started life as dark brown, and I actually did a couple of different straw hats, this was just the most accessible to take a picture of. With beginning to sew again, I can have a whole bunch of different things to wear for less that what I would have paid for one outfit, so I'm enjoying the creative process. But then again, that's also why I've been quiet, I'm busier now than I've ever been before. But busy is good, and it feels so good to see what I've made, or to wear a new outfit and have comments made upon it. We have a reenactment weekend coming up (actually at least one per month for the season) so I'll have more opportunity to wear my newly created things.

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