Monday, May 15, 2006

Knitting and spinning progress report

These last couple of weeks have brought me the time to organize a little bit, and to spindle with two new spindles that have come into my life. These two beautiful spindles are by Cascabeles through the Kendig Cottage Ebay store. They spin really wonderfully, and though I love all of my spindles, these are the newest and just had to be tried out. I've been working on some Merino and Cultivated silk blend in a variegated colorway. It spins very nicely on these mid-weight spindles (they're each about 1.4 ounces) but then again, I like a little heavier weight spindle. I'm getting a very fine, lace weight thread, and have been spinning while I demonstrate at the Museum.
I have now spun about 12 ounces (it was in a bag marked 1 pound) of Iclandic down roving that I purchased at the New York Sheep and Wool show last fall. It spun nicely on my wheel while I was at the museum, but I like to have shawls that are over a pound of fiber. I had this brown fleece that comes from a sheep named "Wendy", I think she's BFL and Romney. I had this processed into roving locally, and honestly, it spins so nicely and so quickly that it's nearly effortless! This is the first 4 ounce skein, I have nearly 2 bobbins already done for the the next skein. I think I have a little bit over 2 pounds of this fiber, I can't decide if I want to use it with the grey Icelandic yarn for a shawl or make it into something on its own. I will wait to see how much I get from the fleece. It has a nice tiny bit of variegation due to the sunburned tips on the fleece, and I like the interest that it added.
Here's the knitting project, about 3 inches got done while I was on vacation. I have around 2 inches give or take before I start the steeks for the armholes and neckline. I haven't been working on this much at home as lately I've been spending my evening hours sewing or taking in some of the clothes I already have. I had a marathon "try on" last week of my period things so I could mark where to move the hooks and eyes to for fit and also where to put darts and such so I can wear everything I already had. Last year about this time I was 30 pounds heavier so some adjustments were necessary. Thank you to the good program and supportive staff at Weight Watchers!

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LadyV said...

Beautiful knitting and spinning. I need to come and visit the new you :-)