Monday, May 15, 2006

Maryland Sheep & Wool...some unusual buys

Yes, I bought some fiber too. I got about 2 pounds of Navajo Churro and 1 pound of Navajo Churro/Lincoln cross roving while I was there. But the real finds this time for me were when I went to look at the Navajo rugs. There was a gentleman by the name of Rick Ortiz that was there with his grandmother, who was one of the Navajo weavers. He was a silversmith and made some beautiful jewelry. I'd bought an inlaid silver saguaro while in Arizona, so I was very happy to have found some earings that will match both the Saguro and my new Bear charm. I got a couple of other small things from him as well. I really enjoy the culture and artistry of the Native people so finding these was a real treat!

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