Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mother's day to everyone! :)

A Happy Mom's day (I know, a day late) to everyone out there. Mine started out nicely with a "Happy Mother's Day" message on My-space from my DSD Meghann. It definitely made me smile. Then my DS Jonathan called and later came over to take DH and me out for a wonderful Mother's Day buffet at one of our favorite places. He drove us all the way up to Yokumtown, PA to KClinger's Tavern where they were having an all you can eat buffet that was absolutely wonderful! Then he gave me my gift which as you can see is a beautiful old oil burning lamp. He found it in an antique shop in Northeast, Maryland. It'll be perfect for re-enactment weekends, and he has it already filled with lamp oil for me. I got a special treat, my son-by-choice (and son-in-law) Michael called me from Iraq to say Happy Mother's day. He and I talked for quite some time before going to dinner with the boys. Then that evening my DD Jennifer called from Virginia to say Happy Mother's Day. Then I got to talk to my favorite Grandma, "Nanny" who is Mark's mom and one of my favorite people. Then my DSS Matt called Mark and asked him to relay his Mother's day wishes. All in all, a really great day full of family and good cheer.

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