Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 22: Antiquing and Exploring

We started out to go to an antique show to benefit a very small town in PA's historical society. We paid our money and entered a very small Church school to look at what was offered. Everything we saw was nicely displayed but the prices were so astronomical that we were nearly laughing at them! There were truly some nice pieces, but we were just looking for a few finds, some things to take with us reenacting and maybe something we liked for the house.

We left the school and stopped at another shop along the road which had things for sale like a clock for $45,000 so we quickly left and got a bite to eat. We then went to our favorite antique mall where Mark found this unusual copper kettle. It has cast iron handles and solder, we're not sure what it is or what era, but he liked it and it'll find a place in our home.

The cats liked it too, they gave everything a quick sniff while I was trying to photograph, especially Sammy. Here's another view. If you know what it is or anything about this type of thing, please don't hesitate to add a comment.
Thanks to a presentation by Nicky Hughes on Civil War era "stuff" at March's Conference on Ladies and Gentlemen of the 1860's, Mark was looking for a stoneware jug to bring with us on reenacting weekends, they were very common. He found this one dirt cheap and it came home with us. I was looking for other CW "stuff" to improve our impression in the direction of more accuracy for our dining "stuff".

I got all this blue willow ware (in the dishwasher and ready to clean up to put away for the next event) for $7.00. I was very happy! Many vendors at various places I'd looked had one plate of similar tableware for upwards of $50. and I was looking for run of the mill junk stuff that I knew I'd eventually find cheap. This type of tableware has been in use for 150 plus years...I wasn't looking for a collectable, but for usable stuff to take with us. I'm going to make some cloth carrying bags for it and just keep it in a basket.

This sweet picture has a black cat sitting on the sidewalk in front of the middle house. I knew I had just the place for it in the house, and it was less expensive than a meal at McDonald's so it came home with us too. I think it's a bit faded but it looks great in my dining room so I don't mind a bit.

Mark spent some time in the used books and found these two for me. The Historic Costume volume is from 1925 and outlines the clothing from the Civil accurately I don't know yet but it'll be interesting to read. They're going to both be read cover to cover and go into my textile reference collection.

This is actually a mirror, it's very primitive, and will go into the room I'm using for my office when I get the walls stripped and repainted. I thought the cats were really cute, kind of on the young side, but our grandsons will most likely be staying in that room when they visit so it's perfect!

We found this hanging sign at a little orchard store in Biglerville way in the back room and thought it was perfect for our door. We then had dinner and headed back home, satisfied with our finds after a day spent enjoying each other's company and exploring. I'm very glad that not every antique store is outrageous with the items it offers for sale!

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