Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 20, Finished the first wool dress

Thursday night I made myself sit and finish the first wool dress of the wools I bought in March for making outfits for our cold weather reenactments. This dress and Paletot were made specifically for our Cedar Creek, VA reenactment in October. It's always cold then and along with my longer overcoat paletot should keep me a bit warmer than my cotton day dresses.

I think I might have mismeasured the skirt and it might be too long, I'll try it on again and make sure, right now I have some of my icky sutler hoops on my dress form so it's hard to tell without my crinoline. I do like the dress and jacket combination and I have wool in green and brown to make another suit. This wool was fairly easy to work with and I hope that will be the case with the other colors. In the meanwhile I have other projects to get moving on.

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