Thursday, June 03, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Our unit commander and his lovely wife welcomed our reenacting unit to their home for a Memorial Day cook out. The project that was planned was to make a false front of a building for the Battle of Hanover which is now held in August.
The historic battle preceeded the battle in Gettysburg and was actually a cavalry battle that was fought in the town. The reenactment is held in August to give a bit of time between the huge reenactment in Gettysburg on July 1-3ish every year and is held at a beautiful state park right outside of Hanover. The buildings are going to be as props for that battle.

Everyone got involved in doing something for the project, either working on it or supervising.
Just downhill from the barn yard where everyone was working is this beautiful field where Jim's two horses contentedly graze.
Pennsylvania is right over the ridge, their farm is just south of the Mason Dixon line.
The building was up and is just started to get painted here in this picture. It'll be taken apart for transport after it's finished and put back together on site. I believe there are a few other buildings in the planning stage as well.
Yup, there's Hanover right over the next hill and off just slightly to the Right.
The cookout was fantastic, great food, great turn out of about 25 people and great company. We stayed and enjoyed conversation for a long time and quite a few of our group camped out in their yard since the parade is so early in the morning the next morning.
The unit walked in the Hanover Memorial Day parade which is held in the morning so people can do both this one and the one in Gettysburg which is held in the afternoon. Gettysburg is about 30 minutes from Hanover. There were a great many veterans of various wars that were either walking (most in their old uniforms) or riding, and there was a huge motorcycle group of veterans. This gentleman had this trailer and I thought it was cute, it said "Polish Motorhome" on the back.
This Drum and Bugle/brass corp as well as the flag twirlers were all alumni and were from after high school age on up with many of them having served in many other Memorial Day parades.
This is the 16th PA marching in front of our small band of marchers. We host the Hanover Reenactment with them. They are a fairly new unit of just a few years.

We're a cavalry unit and our commander always says that he doesn't have to learn to march because he's normally riding his horse. Everyone is always trying to get pictures of him marching out of step and I noticed that he's actually in step in this picture.
And this one. You'll actually notice that pretty much everyone is out of step with each other in this picture.
There they go marching into the Cemetary where the parade ended and I finally got Jim being out of step with the rest of the unit. We'll let that go since it was such a great weekend and cookout.

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