Sunday, June 22, 2008

We're so proud

You know, most grandparents are proud of their grandchildren just because they love them...but we thought we'd share the fact we're especially proud that our grandson, Aidan, is the youngest person ever licensed to drive in the state of Hawaii. Here he is reacting to the horrible traffic in Honolulu, with Dad helping because he can't quite reach the brake pedal.
Aidan is such a good driver that he decided to take Mom and Dad to the beach and get out of all that traffic and relax. He just loves the water and is a frequent visitor to the pool as well. Maybe he remembers when Mom used to go swimming with him when she was pregnant.
Aidan is wondering why he can't just dive in and swim like the little Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle he thinks he is, but Mom is a little bit more careful and conservative than him. He's saying "Dude!" to the turtles and the fish and trying to figure out how to go pet them and play with them.
After a nice day at the beach, Aidan took Mom and Dad back home to see his sister Nutmeg and brother Milo. He wouldn't want to leave them at home too long and get them used to peace and quiet and not being chased around the house by a very mobile crawling baby. Nutmeg is still asleep, maybe Aidan can sneak up on her and say hello! She's very good with Aidan.
Milo says "welcome home, Aidan" and is thinking that he'll need a nap too, and soon after Aidan pets him and he gets all tired out. Milo is a wonderful tempered dog, very patient and sweet.

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