Sunday, June 15, 2008

I do so still spin!

There have been a bunch of changes in our lives since Belle came into our of which is that I've had to try to work on some of my spinning stash to get it into yarn form so it will take up less space and get put away. This is a 2 ply I made from one ply of light grey and one of chocolate CVM (California Verigated Mutant) fleece that I got from Myrtle Dow of Black Pines Sheep. She frequents the Maryland and Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool shows, and I absolutely love her and her husband Roy, and their "kids", their sheep. This yarn is wonderful and I think that I have enough to make a very large Civil War era/size shawl. This is the first skein I've made, I have another skein on the bobbins to ply, and plenty of fiber left to spin.
Belle especially loved helping me ply this yarn. It's one ply NZ corriedale from the Spinning and Knitting shop and the other ply is some dyed Romney that I bought from a vendor at the Maryland Show some years ago to spindle while waiting for my daughter to join us at the fairgrounds. It was pretty coarse, and pretty hairy, and it felted partially in the bag from being carried around all the rest of the day. I took it all off the spindle and put it on a bobbin, and then pre-drafted the felted part, spun the bobbin full and found a coordinating color to ply it with. I'm making the Morning Surf Scarf with it from the Summer 2008 Spin Off magazine, or at least that's the plan. The kitten enjoys helping knit too.

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