Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ok you'all, I finally found some in my cabinet

Well, it's yet another day that I didn't feel up to getting groceries. I am getting better day by day, but still not strong enough yet. Thanks to being made aware of, downloading, and watching the video for Wierd Al Yancovich's "Canadian Idiot", I was reminded of how much I absolutely love Kraft Dinner which is featured in the video (for those of you in Canada) or Kraft Mac and Cheese for those of us in the States. Of course, I searched the entire house and couldn't find any which is highly unusual since I've been eating it since I was a kid. I called my son and told him to email me some and he wouldn't (I'm thinking he's written out of the will), asked my friend Karen in Calgary to send some and she didn't have any, and even rough and tough Wrangler said he wasn't going to send me any because customs would have stolen it. I have been so sick I haven't been feeling up to going and getting any myself, and it's been all me alone in the house all week, nobody to prevail upon for sympathy. Then yesterday it snowed all day, so I wasn't going out for sure! Well Gee thanks!!! But you know, it's ok, because while I was looking in the far recesses of the cabinet I keep my teas in, I found a box!! So there! And I'm going to go make it and eat it right out of the pot with a fork. And not share it with anyone, so don't even ask.


Tama said...

So sorry to hear that you have been sick. I had a run of that last month, didn't think I would ever get well! I would have e-mailed you some Mac-n-cheese! My kids think it's a treat. I never ate the stuff growing up. I thought mac-n-cheese was the macaroni, tomato juice, and slices of melted cheddar cheese stuff my mother made all the time. Imagine my suprise!

Get well soon!

Mark said...

You can Thank your loving husband for your find. Who knew when he was shopping that he would think of you and buy for a rainy day. At least you didn't make sloppy joe's with that catsup and mustard combo ;-)