Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lincoln Ball in Gettysburg

Last night was the Lincoln Ball which is sponsored by the Civil War Dance Associates and Citizens of Gettysburg. The ball was held at the American Legion hall in Gettysburg and was very well attended, though the room was large enough to be comfortable dancing for the number of people that were there. It was lots of fun and was led by our very favorite dance leaders, Bryant and Karin, and many of the people that we enjoy seeing from many activities were there.
This dress was stunning out of tapestry patterned silk, and the lady sitting next to her in the gold silk had a stiking dress as well. Mark walked around taking pictures of some of the dresses that he particularly thought I'd maybe want to copy or that were unusual. There were many, many dresses that were beautiful that we didn't get pictures of, as we were dancing most of the time. The dances when seen from the sidelines are beautiful as the men and women turn in lines and the flowing skirts make for a very graceful picture.
This day dress out of black silk was absolutely beautiful, I wish there had been a picture of the front with the big red bow on it. With this era's dances, you get to dance with everyone, switching couples and partners in many of the dances at least for awhile. It's nice to see everyone this way, it was a good way for the civil war era folks to meet and flirt and exchange pleasantries.
These are some of the regulars at the balls that we enjoy dancing with. The cotton ball dress seen here in beige is absolutely beautiful with rows of tucking as trim on the dress. It's understated, but it's also one of my favorite dresses that I saw.
This talented lady told me that she had hand beaded all of the floral motifs on her grey and black dress to add a flash of light when she turns and dances. The dress has a beautiful flounce on the back that ended in tassels and was very unusual.This yellow silk dress was very bright and had an interesting burtha on the bodice that really set off the dress as well as the trim on the skirt. Quite a number of ladies that I enjoy socializing with at the Genteel Arts Academy classes were there and it was good to see them since I haven't been taking any classes lately. I would say that I have my work cut out for me to make a new, this time silk, ball gown. I might have to go shopping for some plaid or patterned silks as they truly do make up into some beautiful ball gowns.

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Tama said...

That looks like so much fun!! Your dress is beautiful!