Sunday, April 15, 2007

Today's Tickle

I was so tickled by these hooks that I bought quite a few the first time I saw them. I gave some to my friend Lorraine for her boys, and some to daughter Jennifer, and ended up only having one left! This is what we call the "Dog Butt hook" hanging in the bathroom.
Yesterday we had a fun day of retail therapy as I bought two very cute pair of wedge sandals for the hopefully upcoming spring and summer and some socks, and we managed to get back to Ikea so I could buy some more hooks. I nearly fell over when they rang up as "Hook, Dog Ass" which the clerk said was supposed to be "Assorted" but got cut off. I bought a bunch to hang my Civil War hats on in my sewing room wall.
Speaking of sewing, I finished this dress in the past week. It has gathered panels in the sleeves, and I've been calling it my "dogwood" dress, though the blossoms are likely some other plant. I really loved the contrast between the teal blue and the red flowers and mauve blossoms, but it didn't photograph well. Today I'll put on my corset and all the other things so I can try it on and do the last minute adjustments.

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