Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some favorite things

This morning a package arrived from my favorite Bison ranchers and fiber guys with an entire pound of yummy bison down. It's packaged up so pretty in one ounce packages...2 of them are already winging their way to a new home with a nice lady in Western Australia. I have spun and knit with bison down and it's so wonderfully airy and soft as well as being warm. I stock Bison yarns and Bison/Silk and Bison/Bamboo yarns that are to die for as well! I know that this nice stuff is going to be finding new homes very quickly, it's hard to keep it in stock. I thought the bags looked so pretty that I wanted to share them with you'all.
I decided this morning that it was close enough to Halloween to change the clothing on our resident Goose. She oversees the kids walking to and from school in the morning in our neighborhood. My friend Diane gave her to us to put on our step, and she has many changes of clothing for different occasions. They're big up in the North, but I haven't seen many of them here in Maryland. I think she's fun, and I keep wanting to get to the sewing room to make her both a Hawaiian outfit and a Civil War dress and Bonnet. Maybe the next time I cut out a 1860's dress, I'll cut one out for her too.

This is the first 100 rows on the "Dainty Bess" lace scarf that I've been working on while at home on days off. It's not a travel appropriate project since I have to have the chart out to do the pattern rows. It's not at all difficult, just takes a little concentration, but it works well while watching TV. It's obviously not blocked, and lace always looks like a used kleenex before it's blocked. I just love the pattern, and blocking it will open up all the holes in the pattern and make it seem more lacy. It's about 20% finished. Sorry, Jenn, it's not for you, but I do remember doing a lace alpaca/angora scarf for you a few years ago. :)

Our newest furry child, Sammy, has slowly begun to venture down the stairs, but he is still as skittish as ever. If there is even a small noise, he scurries up the stairs to the bedroom and hides, then sometimes comes back down in a little while. He's gotten braver in some ways, he's a lot more snuggly at night lately, and a couple of times in the past few days I've awakened to the sound of Sammy snoring close to my ear...with his head on my pillow. How he gets up there without waking me up, I have no idea. He still hasn't figured out how to be good friends with the other cats, though he's trying very hard but they don't seem to play. At least he's awake on and off during the day, he used to be hibernating under the bed from about 9am to about 8pm every day.

Belle says "pleased to see you again" to Sammy in a typical cat manner.

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