Sunday, October 18, 2009

The socks that wouldn't go away

OH MY GAWD these socks drove me crazy and no matter how I seemed to knit on them they never seemed to get any closer to being finished! I started them in February and have finished many pairs since but since I wasn't enjoying the pattern (Wheat socks, a free pattern on the internet) I kept putting them off and putting them aside. I kept toting them to work and trying to take a few stitches here, maybe a row there, and eventually I got the first one finished. I forced myself to cast on for the second sock, and eventually I got to the heel flap, then the heel, and kept on until I finally got the second sock finished today. I'm having a quiet weekend so I had time to work on them with minimal distractions, but of course, I have gotten nothing else done all day. But here they are, and I will wear them proudly knowing that I will never make another with this pattern! :)


fiberninja said...

I think you should knit the Wheat Socks again just to show that pattern who's the boss.

Fiber addikt said...

Yeah, right. Actually I need to get another "brainless" sock going for taking to work, everything I've cast on looking for an easy pattern has been more complicated and one that I need to pay attention to. :)