Friday, July 17, 2009

We can helps you, Mom?

I am very happy to report that I'm beginning to come out of the tired and feeling sore phase of my post surgery time. I know I still have some recovering time to go but my Doctor said that I'm right on track so I'm happy about that. My dear husband has been great in helping with things around the house while I've been on the mend. The cats have been helping out whenever they can, too.
Our reenacting group sent some beautiful flowers for me last week when I'd just gotten out of the hospital. I've really enjoyed them, and as you can see, they were a real hit with the youngest girls. Rosie especially thought they looked very delicious and she started to try nibbling on the small purple flowers. Of course, I stopped her as I wasn't sure if they were entirely healthy for her.
Pretty soon Belle found out what Rosie was looking at and came for a sniff of her own. She loved smelling all the flowers and spent quite a bit of time with each flower, as if she was deciding what each one was as she studiously sniffed it. The girls were so adorable with them. Of course, I had to move them to the top of my TV cabinet so that the cats wouldn't decide to eat them, but that was ok, I could still see and enjoy them.
After getting the OK from the Doctor, we started to slowly and carefully paint the bedroom and after 2 days only have about 1/3 finished. We already had the paint and it certainly needed to be done and now was a good time since we're both home right now. We've lived here over 10 years and the room is still the very drab off white builder's sprayed on paint, the new very light blue walls with white trim is certainly brightening up the entire room! We began the work of prepping and putting out the tarps, and Belle decided that she'd like to help too. Actually all three were around quite a bit of the time while we were painting but they kept out of the way which was very appreciated. Belle got a little bit of paint on her tail during walking around and exploring and Gracie managed to get her whiskers and some of each side of her fur in the wet paint. I trimmed her fur but her whiskers will have to wear off. The girls were very well behaved while they watched and tried to find ways to help. Of course, all the furniture got moved so they were very curious about the whole process.
Rosie decided to take a well deserved nap with our frog shoe cleaner that sits inside the front door. It's been quite warm so the cats have been stretching out on the floors a lot like this. Rose was probably tired from trying to help do the painting, and from looking at herself in the mirror from my vanity area while it was down on the floor.
All of our children living at home have paws. :)

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