Sunday, July 19, 2009

The new guy

Some of my friends and family are not on facebook and don't get to see the pictures I post there so I'm repeating the posting of these pictures for my blog readers. I do apologize if you've seen them before. This is Collin after he came home from the hospital. His mom says that he doesn't like to be swaddled too much and likes to have his arms out, unlike his big brother who would wake up and cry if he wasn't swaddled tightly enough or if he managed to get his arm out of the blankets in the first few weeks.
Aidan was patting Collin and trying to calm him when he was waking up and getting ready to cry to be fed. These pictures were taken in the hospital when Collin was only hours old...he was born about 2am on the 10th of July.
Aidan is looking up at his dad who is taking the pictures. He looks like he's really trying hard to figure out this little one that is moving all around and making funny noises.
Hello, little brother! Nice to meet you!
Here's a nice one of Jenn holding both of the boys. Aidan is a snuggler but there is still plenty of room on mom's lap (and dad's) for both of the babies.

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