Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Two more projects finished

I cleaned and organized my sewing room last week and re-found some projects that were in the "started" phase...there were 2 dresses for me, 1 to sell, and a shirt for DH. The most recently started projects were the 2 dresses, and they were cut out over a year ago! Since I needed a dress that was a little bit looser for the next event and knew they'd been cut out off my older and a tiny bit larger fitting shell, I decided to get at least one of them finished. This one had a problem spot on the skirt (I have no idea how that happened, either!), but it turned out nicely afterall. I'll wear it with probably a navy blue belt (since the twill tape at the bottom is navy and there are blue flowers in the fabric) and a straw bonnet trimmed in blue. I also made not just one but 2 sets of collar and cuffs so I just have to sew the second set onto one of my older dresses, and I'm set for our weekend in Gettysburg at the end of the month. I don't have any Red (I know, this is more burgundy) dresses, and this one actually has a lattice work of lines and flowers within the can see where the flowers are in this picture. So many of my dresses are dark colors and I am really glad I got this one finished to supplement the more somber ones. Now I'm thinking about working on the next one...oh for more hours in each day!
...Last night I finally finished my March of 2009 kit from Socks that Rock. It took knitting many hours, and my hands ache this morning, but I really wanted to get them done. I was waiting for DH to get home, I had the time so I just kept at it. The sock pattern is called "Rogue Roses" by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee , and the pattern had cables which scared me initially. There is an error I made on the right sock, but I didn't have the heart to rip back 25 rows to the point where it started since they're going to be in shoes anyhow when I wear them. They're not a colorway or yarn I would have chosen, but the color certainly does go well with the Rose pattern, and it allowed me to step out of my color and pattern box. I'm happy and proud that I managed to finish them after putting it off and getting over being intimidated to the point of ignoring them for awhile...well, since late March! Now I'm on to the May kit, and some other unfinished socks that are in my knitting basket.

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Rabid said...

Congratulations! I love seeing your work.

I try to keep my craft area highly organized to prevent missing projects...but they still happen from time to time.