Friday, June 05, 2009

Rainy days are meant for napping

I spent most of yesterday moving around furniture and rearranging and organizing my sewing room. It was way too crowded in there and I thought over ways to make more floor space so that it wasn't so difficult to walk around and so I could vacuum. This morning I'm a bit sore. It's raining again, a cold and damp day that is good for staying close to home and doing quiet things. I was knitting and Belle climbed on the sofa right next to me and promptly fell asleep on her cat blanket. It looked like a good idea to me, so I laid down next to her for a little while to snooze.
I awoke for the phone to find that the othe two cats had also decided that the sofa was a good place to nap this afternoon! Here's Rosie who loves to lie upside down and all stretched out. She was sleeping right behind me and I didn't even know that she'd come up close by.
Gracie's favorite place to sleep is on the back of the sofa in front of the front window. She and Belle still don't get along well so that way she can see where Belle is and what everyone is doing. If Belle isn't on the sofa, Gracie often will come lie right next to me and snuggle.
This is the first sock of a pair I'm working on from the March Socks that Rock Club entry...It's called Rogue Roses. The second sock of this pair is what I'm presently spending time with.
When I saw this pattern, I simply couldn't resist! This is an Alligator Scarf from Morehouse Merino. They have the most absolutely adorable scarves on their website to knit. I've only gotten to the first repeat of 12 for the body and it's slow going because of the bumps, but I'm loving it, he's so cute! Now that the sewing room is usable again, I might have to spend time finishing some pending sewing projects too. Never a moment lost...

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